Responsive versus works in IE6

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Stats from 4 days’ worth of Suffolk Libraries website traffic:

  • Proportion of visits from mobiles and tablets: 1 in 4
  • Proportion of visits using Internet Explorer 6: 1 in 500

The Suffolk Libraries website is responsive. Cost to build: £0 – I did it, so I guess there’s my web manager salary, but I do all the other web stuff too.

Let’s look at another library service’s website (or, more specifically, another library’s website): The Library of Birmingham. Cost to build £1.2m. Annual running costs £190,000. I don’t earn £190,000 a year.

Outsourcing isn’t always cheaper.

The Library of Birmingham’s website isn’t responsive.

It does, however, work in Internet Explorer 6. They did ask for it to work in IE6.

Which is the most accessible?