Leon Paternoster, bearded, looking to the right, wearing glasses


I'm Leon, head of digital and marketing at Suffolk Libraries. I'm responsible for lots of things, including our website and apps we develop. Most interestingly, I conceived and led the development of our own library self-service system, a progressive web app now sold by software developers Dootrix to other library services.

I've worked in web and, to a lesser extent, IT, since 2008. Before that, I taught secondary English for a few years, and before that I worked as an NOC engineer for a telecoms company. My first jobs involved trying to flog ad space.

I wrote a blog between 2008 and 2018. Unsurprisingly, over the years what I wrote about changed, reflecting whatever I was interested in at the time. I didn't just write about work. When I commuted, I was lucky enough to have the time to read, and logged the books here. Since 2010 I've been a Labour party member and fretted about the future of the party, until Jeremy Corbyn became its leader. For a few years I was particularly interested in the idea of a Universal Basic Income. Sometimes I wrote about something that just grabbed my attention. It's all here.

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This site is built using Jekyll, a static site generator, and hosted by Netlify, who specialise in hosting static sites. Netlify connects to Git (well, Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket), which means that when I push a change to my repo, the website is updated. This is a very good way to work. I recommend Netlify — they also offer forms, redirects and even AWS services integration.

I use my own Jekyll “framework” called Jekyll Tachyons, as it makes building a Jekyll site on the Tachyons CSS framework quick and easy. I like ⚡️.