Leon Paternoster
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Hello. — I'm Leon, head of digital and marketing at Suffolk Libraries. I developed Verso, a new, lightweight self-service system for libraries.

I've got ten years' experience of building and managing digital teams in the not-for-profit sector. I also make fast and friendly websites for small organisations. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss your project:

email: leon.paternoster@zoho.com


Verso library self-service

A lightweight, affordable self-service system for library services. An OS-agnostic, progressive web app which works offline.

Suffolk Libraries

A static website with dynamic features such as events and a searchable map.

Jekyll Tachyons

A Jekyll starter theme that lets you pick Tachyons modules and choose whether to place them in the document head or a separate CSS file.

Skinny Guardian

The last 50 Guardian articles grabbed from its API and served in minimal, fast HTML. Perfect for reading on a phone on a commute.