I’m Leon, head of digital and marketing at Suffolk Libraries. I developed Verso, a new, lightweight self-service system for libraries. I also blog about the web, work and anything else I’m interested in. I like simple, fast, functional websites.


Jekyll Tachyons starter theme for Jekyll

Jekyll Tachyons is a skeleton theme for Jekyll that makes it easy to get up and running with the Tachyons CSS framework. Prototype layouts quickly while minimising, inlining and selecting the CSS you use.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in HTML

Read the twelve classic Sherlock Holmes stories in perfectly formatted, quick-loading HTML on any device with a web browser. You can also bookmark your place in the text.

Skinny Guardian

Skinny Guardian displays the last 50 Guardian articles in a plain, easy to scan and read format. No javascript, no database and a smattering of CSS make it ideal for when you just want something to read on your phone.

Developing a static library website using Jekyll, Netlify and Zapier

I migrated the Suffolk Libraries website from a WordPress backend using a theme built on the Foundation framework. We moved to a static website built on Jekyll and hosted by Netlify. The site is faster, more stable and more secure, yet it still handles dynamic features such as events and forms.