The case against universal navigation

Do we need a complete list of links to every section of our website on every page? Or can we offer simple signposts to major pages and contextual links?

Do not always fear the nav bar on narrow screens

Users scan pages for text that might help them complete their task. Navigation bars and lists are rich in information scent, so it makes sense to avoid hiding them whenever possible.

The art of linking

The web is a network of links; they’re what make plain, boring text hyper. Luckily, making a link is very, very easy, although crafting it properly takes a little thought.

Using Github as a CMS

I saw this idea in the comments on a post somewhere or other, and my immediate reaction was nope. Too technical, too using–something–that–it–wasn’t–intended–for.

Tabbed navigation didn’t work on our site

Tabbed navigation looks a good idea, but it often causes confusion. Generally, it makes more sense to publish a single, visible, well-organised document.

Responsive versus works in IE6

Making your site responsive will get you more accessibility points than making it work in IE6.